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I actually won the auction and got the Figuarts figure! It's Sailor Venus. I still can't believe no one else was interested in her when she's genuine and had a low starting bid. Oh well, their loss. The other one I was following was Mercury. There's another Mercury up from another seller, and depending on how things end up by auction's end, she might be less than the Mercury I didn't end up trying to get. I'll watch that auction too, although I know I probably shouldn't get anything else before my birthday.

Mercury and Venus and Chibi Moon seem to be the main characters I like to get merchandise of. Pluto and Saturn, too, but they're much more difficult to get hold of. Years ago, it took me ages to get hold of a boxed Irwin America Pluto (which I of course deboxed once getting her). And Saturn was out of the question even then, sigh. They're also among the more expensive Figuarts figures. The Inner Senshi, or at least my favorites of such, have been out longer and hence are starting to show up at better prices.

I have to admit, it's tempting to try to get them all now that I snagged one, and I imagine I'll keep checking for good prices on genuine ones. Most likely, I will only get my favorites (if that) and stop there, though.
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So, as people might expect from me by now, I still haven't bought those dolls. I want them, but I'm getting irritated that the price of the add-on one keeps increasing. It increased once shortly after I added her to my cart, and then the next day she had increased in price again! By now she really shouldn't be considered an add-on anymore. Since her low price was probably the main reason I was going to buy right then, the second price-raising, combined with the aggravation of online sales tax, made me decide to hold off for now. We'll see what happens after my birthday, I think.

Then there's another factor. I've wanted the Figuarts Sailor Moon figures since they first started coming out, but I wasn't willing or able to blow $50 on one figure. I check in on them every now and then, hoping for better prices. And I want to make sure I'm getting the genuine article and not a bootleg.

A couple of nights ago, frustrated with my hesitation to order the Everfree dolls, I started randomly browsing for Sailor Moon dolls and some neat listings for the Figuarts popped up too. One was a Buy It Now, but I wasn't impressed with the seller. The others were auctions, and I am impressed with the seller. I'm assuming they were listed low because the seller hoped a bid war would start. They're genuine, as I learned how to spot bootlegs. One already had a couple of bids. The other, incredibly, still does not. I happened upon things shortly before the first auction would end, and I considered trying to jump in and get the first figure. In the end, still conflicted, I didn't. Maybe I would have if I'd had more time to decide. I get really rattled when I have to decide something right away like that.

I think maybe I didn't jump in too because I was thinking if I won, I'd ask the seller if he'd combine shipping if I won the other auction as well, and part of me was thinking I wouldn't be able to afford two, even at the incredible price. But if I asked, I might for some reason end up getting the other regardless and spending more than I felt I should. And maybe I felt a little bad to take her away from the high bidder, heh. I don't like to do that and always feel a little bad to do it, even though I know all's fair in auctions. This last reason alone wouldn't have stopped me from bidding, however. It was mostly thinking a bid war would start and worrying about money. I do feel kind of sad for not trying to jump in and get her. I was worried too, I think, that an impulse bid might leave me with buyer's regret and I'd panic all over. For a product like this, maybe that wouldn't have happened, though.

Now the second one's auction will end soon and the lack of bids makes me want to give it a shot. Even with the shipping price, she would be way less than what I could get her for in a store. And since she is genuine, and one of my favorites, I feel like I want to and should try for her. I may not have a chance anyway, as bids could suddenly appear at the last moment, but I want to try. Oddly, the first one never got any more bids after that first two. I was stunned.

So ... I guess we'll see what happens. If I do get her, I'll probably save her for opening on my birthday, same as the DVD set. Like with Belle two years ago, saving for then feels like a challenge, and that if I break it, I'll be spoiling something for my birthday.

There is one other I'm considering too. She's a little more than these, but still way better then what I'd find in a store. Part of me says if I get one, I'll stop there. The other part says I'll only want the others even more after getting one. The latter is probably closer to the truth when it comes to something awesome like these.

Dilemma solved?

Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:52 pm
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So I think my main frustration with those dolls is that, at least for Sweetie Drops, I just don't like the Everfree release of her. The clothing she's wearing is so strange. I've never seen anyone other than a kid wearing something like that. At least, if I'm clearly seeing what she's wearing. The style isn't appealing to me at all. Not that I like everything the dolls I have are wearing, but Sweetie Drop's thing just really rubs me the wrong way. I also don't like that Lyra doesn't have bangs, but her clothes are pretty cool, so I'd probably be fine with either doll of her.

But I decided randomly to see what Amazon was charging for the Rainbow Rocks releases, because I previously thought it had been a lot, and it's not bad. They're around $10-11 each. More importantly, the Friendship Games dolls I wanted of Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare are wonderful prices. Sunny Flare is even an add-on item. I wish I'd known that earlier and I would have added her to the Pokemon DVD set. Not having known and just having discovered it today, I've been debating all day whether to do another Amazon order and get the dolls or not. I thought I had to already have $25 in the cart before adding an add-on, but when I tested things and added products, it looks like they'll let me get it if the add-on just barely pushes it to the $25 amount.

So now I'm considering that since I really wanted the Friendship Games dolls, and I like the Rainbow Rocks release of Sweetie Drops but either Lyra is okay, that maybe I'll do an order with three dolls, just barely pushing it to $25, and leave Lyra out of it for now. Then I'll decide what to do about her after my birthday. I want to make sure I have plenty of money for the shopping spree, so getting anything past the $25 limit doesn't seem like a good idea right now. Of course, it would probably be better to get nothing until after my birthday, and maybe I'll still decide that, but the problem is that the prices fluctuate so much that by then they might not be as good. The other problem is, what if I find the dolls somewhere on my birthday for a better deal, like at T.J. Maxx or something. However, I'm pretty sure they've moved past this doll line and probably are on Everfree, so it's highly unlikely that would happen.

I'm thinking I probably wouldn't do anything right now if it wasn't for the Friendship Games dolls. I really got excited to see them at good prices and I don't feel conflicted about this order like I felt about the Everfree doll order for weeks. Usually when I finally don't feel conflicted, I've finally hit on what I want (even though I'm prone to waffling about it after ordering many times). So unless I change my mind in the next bit, I'll probably try placing this order.

... On the other hand, while I'm not conflicted about wanting these dolls, I am conflicted about whether ordering them right now is the best option. I'm still trying to help with groceries, so there's that in addition to wanting to have money for the shopping spree. I've been getting steady work from a client on Textbroker, which has been epically awesome, but I don't know how long that will last and I'm trying to be pretty careful with money even though right now things are pretty good for me personally. So ... the debate goes on.
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So we've been watching a lot of Scarecrow and Mrs. King lately. It's actually a show Dad will watch and like, so we've all been enjoying it together and that's been really nice. It's a very sweet and suspenseful show, probably one of the last clean shows out there. I do prefer the other seasons over 1, which isn't unusual. Usually the first season is never my favorite for a show because it's so raw and the characters act different and aren't as close and such. That's how it is for both Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Knight Rider. And many others. (But season 1 is my favorite Pokemon season. Go figure.)

Anyway, so there's one episode in season 3 where Amanda is sick and Lee is on a mission with Francine. Apparently they used to team up a lot. I go back and forth on how I feel about Francine. Usually I like her, but sometimes she can be a little mean. Like in this episode, when she talks to Amanda on the phone and is gleefully telling her all the things she's missing out on and exaggerating what's happening, including her and Lee dancing and such. But then at the end of the episode she's all enthusiastic and talking about how much she enjoyed being on a case with Lee again "just like old times" and is hoping they can hang out and do something fun now that the case is over. But Lee is missing Amanda and seems to just want to get home to see her. Which is sweet, definitely, but Francine looked so down when she realized. Then she quietly and gracefully bowed out.

Honestly, I really felt for her there. Who hasn't been happy when things seemed like old times between themselves and an old friend? And who hasn't longed for that experience? I definitely felt sad to see Francine brushed aside by the writers there. That moment when you know you're not really that important to someone anymore, even if you've been fooling yourself otherwise, is such a first-rate bummer.

I also started watching some Knight Rider again. It feels good. But oy, I was so frustrated by a season 4 episode I tried. I know most people don't like season 4 or RC, and I actually like RC, but I was bummed when in this episode it seemed like he was taking the place of KITT in some ways. Like, he showed up to help Michael out of a jam, whereas in the past Michael would have just jumped in KITT and that would have been that. I don't remember RC taking the place of KITT in other season 4 episodes I saw, though, so maybe it was an isolated incident. But I must admit that I haven't liked any of the season 4 episodes I've seen, save for one where KITT is reprogrammed and goes berserk, but after seeing that done differently and more squeefully in season 1, I might not like the season 4 episode anymore. Yeah, I don't like season 1 so much either, since they usually insist that KITT doesn't have feelings even though he does, and yet my favorite episode is in season 1. Go figure.

Funny thing is, I think my favorite Knight Rider season is 2, which is probably the other one most people hate because there was a different technician for KITT. But I had no problems with her, honestly. I thought she and Bonnie were both just great. I would have been happy if they had both been around and maybe alternated episodes or something.

Season 3 is usually pretty nice too, though. I saw one yesterday that was pretty sweet. It included KITT helping a kid get excited about school. And season 3 had that episode where the girl kept trying to pose on KITT in skimpy outfits and he didn't like it at all and kept having to rout her away. LOL. It also has the Halloween episode, which was a lot of fun. I'll definitely want to watch it for the season.

A puzzlement.

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:52 pm
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So the DVD set arrived on time and it looks awesome! I think it's going to be hard not to open it and dig out some of my favorite episodes to watch, like the St. Anne ones and Holy Matrimony! (LOL.) I remember some of the utter nonsense in Pokemon episodes and I suppose it's not unlike how one must suspend disbelief to enjoy TMNT 87. Specifically, I'm snerking remembering those ridiculous "invisibility" outfits from Holy Matrimony! Also, one of my favorite lines is from that episode, when James describes a marble home: "It was like a mausoleum with bedrooms and bathrooms!" ROTFLOL.

I'm still debating whether to get the dolls. I want them, yet I worry that getting them may cancel out something else later that maybe I'd want more, so I keep waffling. The other side of the coin is that it may be my only other chance to get Lyra and Sweetie Drops dolls, and I had wanted them a couple of years ago when the first dolls of them came out.

And I'm just not sure what to ask for, for my birthday. The only thing I've seen locally that I might consider asking for is the Orange Islands set, and yet I still hesitate for a couple of reasons. One, Dad never was crazy about Pokemon. It seemed like he disliked it even more than the Turtles. But he did cave and get me some of those videos when the Dollar Tree had them. But that was years ago and maybe he's forgotten that and he'd only remember his dislike of the show. But more importantly, Two, I hate to ask for anything because one of those big expenses was supposed to be paid this month. I'd feel like a heel to add another expense. Honestly, if it wasn't for knowing that Mom will feel really sad if there isn't something they can get for me, I probably wouldn't ask for anything and would just plan to buy it all myself. There will already be the gas money expense of the shopping spree and it seems awful to even think of another one.

I guess that's another part of the appeal of maybe getting the dolls, that they would probably show up in time for my birthday too and they could be another gift to myself. LOL. If I just can't think of anything to ask for, I'd like for there to be some kind of presents for the day. But I don't really have room for them and I don't want to pay more attention to them than to my Turtles figures, even though that is highly unlikely of happening. And I also don't want to pay less attention to them than I should. I dunno; I've been pretty happy for months just focusing on Turtles stuff and haven't really wanted much else after getting hold of all the Mega Construx figures I could. But when the dolls were something I wanted and there may not be another chance ... sigh.

This is usually how it always goes, with most of what I want either existing online only or being things that I wouldn't want to ask for because of awkwardness and would rather get for myself. My parents don't really do the online shopping bit very much, so the online only stuff is pretty much out unless Dad just gives me the money and I get it myself, which doesn't really have birthday magic to it. Usually I end up having to swallow my misgivings and ask for something I was hesitant to ask for. Usually that works out okay after all. But I worry about that big expense and not wanting to add another, even a small expense....


Sep. 21st, 2017 05:13 pm
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So, it's been quite the 24 hours for nostalgia. The new Alola arc (based on the Sun and Moon Pokémon games) ongoing in Japan released the second of two parts featuring Ash and his friends from Alola (Lillie, plus Trial Captains Lana, Mallow, Kiawe, and Sophocles--all of them are characters pulled right from the game, with Lillie being the unfortunate daughter of the evil Team Leader of the region--who actually will be showing up for the first time in the next episode, but I digress...) visiting Kanto and reuniting with Brock and Misty. Last week's ep was cute, with Brock and Misty meeting the new characters (there's a cute scene where Misty hits it off with Lana, who is also a water-type trainer, and Brock and Kiawe seem to hit it off, as well, though trying to stop their Marowaks from fighting, heh). There was also an adorable scene where Ash, Brock, and Misty get a little time for themselves and reminisce about the old days. Even Jigglypuff (who hadn't been seen since Hoenn) shows up again.

But as cute as part one was, part two (which I actually watched unsubtitled because I didn't want to wait) was just amazing. Brock and Misty hold some exhibition matches to show off for the Alola crew. There are some sparring matches first (Brock vs Sophocles and Lillie and then Misty vs Lana and Mallow), and then two big matches: Brock vs Kiawe and Misty vs Ash. And the biggest thing revealed is that Brock and Misty now have Mega Stones/Keystones for their Steelix and Gyarados respectively to Mega-Evolve. Mega-Evolution is a game mechanic introduced in Gen 6 (the previous gen) where certain fully-evolved Pokémon can gain a temporary Mega Forme if the bond with the trainer is sufficient. Ash didn't get a Mega during the gen 6 arc, but he had a special Battle Bond Forme for his Greninja which was slightly different in that no Stone was required. But Brock and Misty have Mega Stones and the reveal was amazing--Brock carries his keystone in a necklace under his shirt, and Misty carries her in her hair tie. And it brings about so many questions--how did the get the Stones, how did they train to use them, and gah!

More than that, it's how we've seen Brock and Misty grow from when we (and Ash) last saw them. With Ash being the only member of the original trio to be a consistent player in each saga, it's possible to watch him grow and develop as a trainer. And that’s great; he’s come so far, and it’s been great to follow his journey and growth for the last 20 years.

And now, after so many years, we see just how far his first companions, Brock and Misty, have come since their debut 20 years ago, too. Everything about these exhibition matches was amazing, but best of all were the keystone reveals–to see Brock and his first Pokémon having reached amazing heights, and to see Misty having not only conquered her fear of Gyarados, but now command one at its strongest.

These are characters that I grew up with in my highly influential years–the first characters that sparked my imagination and inspired me to follow my dreams and write. And to see them again after all this time, and see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve been able to achieve, is simply indescribable.

And I also got to visit my other favorite anime yesterday; I finally saw last year's 20th anniversary Yu-Gi-Oh movie, Darkside of Dimensions. This one, I saw in English--I have a fondness and loyalty towards the 4kids voice actors who did the first 8 seasons of Pokémon and all 5 seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh. Pokémon is out of their reach now, sadly, since it doesn't look like the current anime owners have any intention of bringing them back (which is why I watched the Brock & Misty reunion eps in Japanese), but when the YGO movie was announced, I was willing to hope that there might be a chance, despite the fact that 4kids as a company no longer existed--and I'd even decided that Eric Stuart returning to voice Kaiba would be the deal-clincher for me, and lo, both he and Dan Green were announced to return as Kaiba and Yugi. But then they later announced that everyone from the 4kids dub was coming back to reprise their roles, except for Maddie Blaustein, sadly, who had passed back in 2008; it was a bit of a sad moment to hear everyone else but not her, but everyone else was in perfect form, and it was great to hear them again!

Spoilers and stuff under the cut )

So, overall, even though the story and characterizations were "ehh," the message was good and it was great to hear everyone (sans Maddie, sigh...) again--it really was like visiting old friends! And I got an MFU plotbunny out of it--the movie seems to suggest that the Millennium Ring is inherently evil even before (and after) Zorc corrupted it; it's basically sentient like the One Ring (when it takes over the disciple and merges him with a monster, it basically says that the disciple is no longer in control--again, post-Zorc) and feeds into people's inner fears and hate/anger, and that Mahad was the only one pure of heart enough to resist it. Granted, the items were created from a horrific ritual and probably all have different degrees of evil associated with them (the Eye seems to be the other one that messes people up a lot, seeing what happened with Akhnaden and Pegasus), and Thief King would have had a lot of hatred and anger in his heart for the Ring to feed on.

But now I want to have Napoleon temporarily end up with the Ring and the Ring be astounded that it's not able to influence him until something starts happening to Illya since only then Napoleon starts feeling angry and afraid--but, of course, in the end, he fully resists the Ring and discards it/gives it back to Shadi. I can probably tie this in with the Ammit Medallion arc, which will wrap up Lionheart and Kid's story, as well. That won't be for a while, though--I have a Halloween fic in the works for October, and then I want to do the first Lionheart and Kid novel itself for NaNo in November!


Sep. 21st, 2017 03:19 am
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After weeks, I'm finally out of the horrible Marble Zone in Sonic 1! **dances.** And as a demonstration of how awful that zone is, by comparison, when I got to Spring Hill Zone or whatever it's called, I got through the first two acts within a few minutes of arriving! I'm still in the third act and it's slightly annoying, but nothing like Marble Zone! Ugh, that zone was not fun at all. Whoever designed that zone must have been a sadist. All the lava pits and bats knocking you into lava pits when you finally thought you'd cleared them, and so many ways to fall down through the zone when it was almost complete....

I was seriously thinking of deleting the game and not even trying to finish it because Marble was giving me so much trouble. And yet I was really sure that eventually, somehow, I'd make it out. I am so glad I did. But unless I can unlock Tails or Knuckles and find new ways through that horrible place, I'm not going to want to replay the game because of that zone.

Planning my shopping spree itinerary for my birthday. I think Toys R Us will be the headlining place, of course. So hoping I can find something there I'll be able to buy. I must give them business! But I also want to get to Build-a-Bear and get that beautiful new bat, check our favorite decor store while we're there and probably peek in The Disney Store and Hallmark too. Then I plan to get to Target and I think I should visit the party store right around the corner from it. Either of them might possibly help with the costume pieces. I usually also like to go to Wal-Mart. And getting a pizza is a must.

Also pondering whether to get those Lyra and Sweetie Drops dolls after all. They sold out of the Fashion style Starlight before I made up my mind, but they still have the dolls. But ironically, I think that when I add up the cost, they're going to be ONE CENT short of free shipping. **repeated headdesk.** So I'm not sure about that, since I'd need to add something else to the order. I still kind of want a Team Rocket shirt instead, but there I have the problem that if I get the design I saw at F.Y.E., you can clearly see what Jessie is wearing and Dad would go through the ceiling if he saw me wearing the shirt. Then the other design has Meowth in front of her so you can't see how skimpy it is, but it has "Prepare for trouble and make it double" around the picture, and he'd probably try to read that and I'd end up having to explain that the characters are antagonists. Whee. Fun times. I still haven't had the courage to say that Baxter, Barney, and Z are antagonists in canon. To me they're not antagonists and I didn't make plushies of bad guys because I'm thinking of my verse (and also that in canon, Baxter started out trying to be honest and only went bad when he got unstable and later cracked up), but Dad wouldn't be thrilled, I'm sure. Anyway, I should just forget the Team Rocket shirt idea, but now that I know there really are shirts with them, it's awfully hard to make myself stop wanting one.

Ah well. Now, on to the first proofread of Electric Soul! I imagine there will be two or three proofreads overall.


Sep. 20th, 2017 05:51 am
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The more time goes by, the more it sinks in that Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. I can only hope that they won't go the way of Borders, but filing for Chapter 11 is time to worry. Chapter 7 would be time to grieve. If we actually lose Toys R Us, oh gosh. Heck, I cried to lose our K-Marts. To lose Toys R Us, oh brother, would there be waterworks. Waaaah, I don't want it to go.... I hope I'll be able to get some things there in the next couple of months. Maybe their performance during this holiday season will help determine what happens next.

I ended up looking at most of my Pokemon fics. They are ... very bad. Most of them are even worse than I thought. Definitely before I was told my stories were like scripts. Worse, the multi-chapter one made no sense, with Giovanni being behind the attempt to kill James. However, I seemed to realize that that made no sense, because in the follow-up I started and didn't finish, I said that another Giovanni turned up and said he was the real one and the one who'd tried to kill James was a fake.

And actually, that story had potential. I liked my ideas, even the Giovanni one if we go with the idea that it was a fake Giovanni. Honestly, I could totally overhaul that story and make it bigger and better. I am seriously considering trying it if watching the episodes seems to give me a good handle on the characters again. Maybe the fake one was trying to kill James both because he felt he was inefficient and because James saw something or heard something that could someday make him realize the guy was a fraud. And I did have a couple of dialogue gems that I would want to keep, probably word for word, in a new version. My favorite bit was after James fought the fake Giovanni to rescue Jessie and is laying hurt. Jessie runs to him and he says, "You're the girl from the cafe...." She says, "You don't remember who I am, do you?" And he says, "Yes, I do ... Jessie...." Then he passes out and there's a bit of hurt/comfort.

Next question would be whether to keep the old version up and have the new one so people could compare, or delete the old version and put up the new one in its place. The only other time I overhauled a fic so much I really needed a new file, I deleted the old fic altogether. From FF.net, that is. I'm pretty sure I still have the original file.

Meanwhile, Electric Soul is coming along very well and I am very pleased! It feels so good to finally be writing it.

Not unexpected nostalgia.

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:43 pm
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... Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. At least it's Chapter 11 and not 7, so the stores are staying put for now, but maybe they'll start closing some eventually. And in any case, it seems like Chapter 11 is how it always starts. Borders filed for Chapter 11 and then folded within a couple of years. K-Mart filed for Chapter 11 and even though they're still hanging on, I don't have much hope for their continued survival. And now Sears is going down with them since they're one company following the Chapter 11.

Seriously, though, please no. It was horrible enough to lose Borders and to have the K-Marts leave the state. Toys R Us cannot fold!

So I did search for stuff about The Loner last night and I found a very nice and informative article on a Rod Serling website. It's pretty much what I thought it would be once I learned he was involved, mostly downer or bittersweet endings. But it does sound like a powerful series. I probably would want to see it for Lloyd Bridges, if nothing else, since Mike Hammer is honestly a pretty downer series but is worth watching for Darren McGavin. However, I don't think I would make buying The Loner a priority ahead of other things. I may ask for it, though.

And with my preoccupation over the Pokemon DVD set shipping and trying to decide what to do about the other DVD sets, naturally it was expected that I would have a Pokemon dream sooner or later. Naturally it also heavily involved Team Rocket, especially James and Meowth, but while awake, I can't seem to recall many of the details.

It did cause me to go on another nostalgia trip and try to figure out why I got interested in those characters. I was obsessed with them to the point of trying to get merchandise involving them, including some stickers, a magazine with a Men In Black parody poster, and videos with my favorite episodes. (I only managed to get one of my most favorites to own, although I have four tapes.) I also tried to get a cute gift bag Toys R Us had, but I missed that one. And I wanted a huge Meowth plush that was only $20 at Toys R Us. I remember holding it longingly on my 16th birthday. I was absolutely ecstatic when one of my aunts brought him later that night as a present! And let's not forget the time I tried to dress up as Jessie for Halloween. I still wish I'd played James instead, because my costume was really more his in every way except for the wig. (No way would I wear a midriff shirt or a short skirt!) Then more recently, my failure at getting the shirt F.Y.E. carried. And I never have managed to get any of the figure releases, although I've wanted to.

Then there were the few times I did get plunnied for Pokemon fics. I think the only ones I actually finished were the one deconstructing Ash always electrocuting them and blasting them off and one where James is thought dead and turns up running around with amnesia. Oh, and one where Team Rocket helps the kids when they get in life-threatening trouble. Then I had one where the trio tries to leave the Team Rocket organization after James witnesses a near-murder (which was a tie-in with a YGO fic I did, actually) and a random hurt/comfort one where he and Jessie got into an argument and he later ended up hurt. I haven't looked at them for many years. They're probably terrible now, LOL. I think they may have been written before I was told my stories looked script-like and needed more details.

Anyway, I honestly can't remember why I initially found them so compelling. I don't recall at all what the first Pokemon episode is that I watched. But perhaps whatever it was, Team Rocket did something interesting that made me want to know more about them. So I may have looked them up, decided they were intriguing, and promptly wanted to get episodes focusing on them. I do remember going after all the videos in the library that I could with interesting Team Rocket episodes.

I think why I find them interesting now is that they seem to be good deep down, no matter how they try to be bad, and I like their close friendship with each other. I did play on the shipping bandwagon for a time, but then I got turned off because of one fan's obsessiveness over insisting on the pairing. The more she insisted it should be, the more I balked with why it shouldn't be. Now I like it better as kept in a platonic light. Boy and girl friendships are too few and far in-between in media.

I am very eager for the DVD set to arrive. I do wonder if I'll be able to stick to my goal of saving it to get into until my birthday. I am so anxious to see some of my most favorites again.

It's been my week for oddball dreams, too. I also had a strange one involving Vincent getting into a fight with an evil Iron Man rip-off, which is just all kinds of WTH. I haven't even seen any of the films with that character, so the only inspiration could have been talking to someone who was mentioning the Marvel attractions at Walt Disney World and such. Anyway, Vincent came out on the losing end of the fight and was thought dead. Baxter and Barney later confronted Shredder about it, and I don't know what he had to do with it. Maybe he hired the weirdo. And then a technician from their father's company was examining Vincent and it looked like he was mostly okay; the technician said the damage had been 92% fixed.

So then I got in the mood for some more Vincent hurt/comfort and started finally writing the Electric Soul fic, which has been on the docket for months and kept getting pushed back. That idea was in place shortly after Barney's redemption, so way back in winter. And at last I was ready for it! It feels good to write it. I was able to use most of my original blurb in it, although some things had to be tweaked or changed to fit things as they are now. Probably now is the best time to write it, too, since there are supernatural themes and it's kind of Halloweeny.

MFU oneshot

Sep. 19th, 2017 05:54 pm
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For David McCallum's birthday today

Title: The Cat's Cradle Affair
Fandom: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Main Characters: Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin
Supporting Characters: Cora Solo (OC)
Status: Complete; 1/1
Rating: G
Summary: When the office cat Baba Yaga ends up expecting kittens on Illya’s birthday, it allows Napoleon to plan a surprise dinner right under his preoccupied partner’s nose.

Link to Fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12658865/1/

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Sep. 18th, 2017 11:34 pm
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So I read through an episode guide for Mary Tyler Moore in case I wanted to get that set tonight. A lot sounded fun, some I wasn't crazy about, and some I was indifferent to. There were enough I liked so that I would like to see the show sometime, but I decided against getting it right now.

I did end up deciding that if I do make mention of the characters or have extended cameos in the Turtles fics, I'm going to have it that it's post-series and the characters have reunited at a TV station in New York. Rhoda's already there, so maybe she hears of a job opening and calls Mary, and then there's several job openings and the rest come over as well. (And no, I'm not sure if I'm counting the Lou Grant series as canon and having this take place after that too.) Ted eventually would as well, even though as of the end of the series, he was the only one they kept on at the Minneapolis station. Maybe Channel 9 is being overhauled, since they've had problems in the stories, and they go to work there, LOL.

Tonight I saw The Loner there, for $9.96. I've been wanting to see that, mainly because it stars Lloyd Bridges. Hadn't remembered Rod Serling was involved with it, though, so I decided to try to find an episode guide. He could write some lovely scripts, but also some super depressing ones, so I'd like to find out if the episodes were usually downers or not before getting or asking for it.

A short affair piece

Sep. 18th, 2017 02:54 pm
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Written for today’s short affair prompt at Section VII.

Summary: One autumn evening, Illya takes a moment to reflect on things.

As the Leaves Fall )

WTH, mind.

Sep. 17th, 2017 07:16 pm
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I had a dream today that crossed over Perry Mason and TMNT 87.

It involved the Perry characters Perry, Della, Paul, Andy, and maybe David Gideon (I'm not sure of the other person's identity) at a fancy dinner party hosted by a mad scientist. Also present were characters from TMNT 87. The Turtles, mainly, but I'm sure the Stockmans were there too, since it was my verse. Okay, that's a recipe for wackiness right there. But it gets worse.

Said mad scientist decides to apparently shrink Della. She's running around desperately trying to get someone's attention and finally makes contact with Andy. He can't believe this is real (who would?), and when he's finally convinced, he's so shocked and horrified that he faints. Yeah, I don't think so. Perry and Paul have to drag him to a couch and then deal with their own shock.

Most of the rest of the dream involved the characters trying to find the laboratory and reverse what happened. And in the middle of all this, Shredder shows up to fight the Turtles right at the party.

The dream is totally wacked-out, no question of that. And while I am certainly no stranger to writing weird Perry stories, I don't do shrinking stories. As I've mentioned, it's one trope I seriously dislike. So if I ever do decide to do something with it, it would have to be something like, the mad scientist kidnaps Della and has her locked in the lab while he sends out a miniature android to try to fool people into thinking he can shrink people in the hopes of forcing them to comply with his ultimatum (whatever that is). And even at that, it's seriously off-the-wall for any Perry story. So much so that I doubt I dare write it. I might instead modify it to be a Turtles story alone and have April as the one kidnapped.

Or I might do nothing with it, because seriously, W.T.H.


Sep. 17th, 2017 05:23 am
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Finally got the Z icon I've been using on Dreamwidth over to LJ too. But that only worked because I removed the Mannix icon, thinking it would still be represented on my LJ header. And the header is gone. Why is it gone? I thought it was Photobucket's fault, but when I went to try to fix it under Customize Journal Style, I couldn't even see any place to input a header URL, just a background image URL. **repeated headdesk.** What's going on.... Did LJ remove my layout's ability to have a header overnight? I've looked everywhere and I don't find anything helpful or any place to input the URL.

... Oh. Nevermind, I finally fixed it. Forgot I had to use Custom CSS to have a header. It was Photobucket's fault. Once I replaced the URL in that section, it worked. Yay!

So I'm working on the current story and it's come out well, except that I think it moved faster than I intended and it has even less details than usual. The ones meant to be lighter seem to be especially lax on details. I figure I'll try sleeping on it and then see how I feel when I wake up.

It puzzles me because originally I had intended for it to be lighter/funnier and instead it ended up taking another path that made it darker/more intense, yet the mostly-dialogue way it went is more like the way it would have been as a lighter story. I feel like I need to slow it down/lengthen it somehow. If it's going to be more intense, I think it needs either more details or more meatier conversations in places. I don't know; the story decided to come out a certain way and I'm not certain I can change it, yet it's way shorter than I'd wanted and so dialogue-heavy. It's driving me nuts! And yet I like what I have. I just want more of it. I am so conflicted.

Good thing I already planned my Indigo Pokemon set would be my birthday Amazon order. That makes me a little less impatient about the fact that they still haven't shipped it. Looks like it's going to be one of those times where it takes five days or more to ship. At least when that happens, they usually rush the shipping so it comes in around three days instead of a week.

One thing I didn't mention was that at Wal-Mart this past Monday, I saw they had the Orange Islands and Johto Journeys sets. I strongly considered getting the Orange Islands one, as it was listed as only $9.97! Then I decided maybe I should come home and check Amazon's price and see an episode guide first or something, as I didn't think I'd seen many of the Orange Island episodes. When I came home and looked, I found the Indigo set and decided I wanted to use my gift card on that. With the gift card, the price I'd have to pay out of pocket would be around the same price I would have paid for Orange Islands at Wal-Mart. I also saw that Amazon is charging $19.99 for the Orange Island set. I wonder a bit if Wal-Mart's price is a typo!

I'm trying to remember when Pokemon went downhill for me. I know Advanced or thereabouts was when I called it quits because I just couldn't take the extreme dumbing down of Team Rocket, but it seems like the pattern started in Master Quest. So I believe I really only fully liked the first four seasons. Not quite sure about Master Quest, though. It was so long ago. But it does seem like that's when it started, and when Advanced started I wasn't sure whether to even try it, and then I did and soon got bent out of shape. I liked May because Misty's temper always scared me, and I did like at least one Team Rocket episode, I think, the one where they had to let their long-standing Pokemon go in order to save them (if I'm remembering right?), but aside from that, I just couldn't take their characterization that season. I have heard they get better in other seasons. I probably would have kept trying it now and then if not for the voice actor changes and the show leaving Kids WB (and my easy access).

Since I'm still unsure what to ask for for my birthday, I'm considering asking for the Orange Island set. And I'm considering buying the Johto Journeys set, probably on the birthday shopping spree, but maybe the day before, when we get groceries. I've had a long-standing debate over whether to get this set Wal-Mart has of the first four Mary Tyler Moore seasons for $19.99. Epic price for sure! I haven't seen much of the show, but I like it, and I thought it might give me some plunnies for stories about the Channel 6 crew. But if it's a debate between that or a show I already like to the point of being a fan, the show I'm a fan of will probably win.

Of course, who knows. I might get both or neither. I've also considered The Munsters set. I used to watch it when it aired on Channel 14 many years ago. I thought it was adorable and I liked it way better than The Addams Family. The Addams Family was always more popular, maybe because it originated in comic strips years before, but probably because it was much more macabre, creepy-weird, and filled with black humor. The Munsters was more like a cute domestic comedy where the family just so happened to be Halloween monsters, which suits my tastes much better.

I did ponder some time back on how it seems like the Channel 6 crew have approximate character parallels with Mary Tyler Moore characters, LOL.

April and Mary
Burne and Lou
Vernon and Ted
Irma and Rhoda

Of course, the guys' parallels seem closest. But I think all those characters would probably get along very well with each other, for the most part. (Either that or some might repel each other; I could see Vernon and Ted either being friends or repelling each other because they're too much alike, LOL. Although I think Vernon doesn't seem as clueless as Ted. And Ted seems like a nicer guy.) Mary and Rhoda are more mature than April and Irma, I think, but they could potentially still get along. If I do get the set and see a lot of the show, a crossover probably isn't out of the question. Or at least some extended cameos.

Fall Festival 2017!

Sep. 16th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Today was my hometown's annual Fall Festival and I enjoyed it immensely--I am quite exhausted, but had a great time!

There weren't too many things different in regards to the crafts; a lot of the craft booths returned from last year (including the guy who made keyrings and jewelry from antique spoons--he was quite happy to see that, two years later, I still have/use the keychain I bought from him), but there was one new booth that made decorative glass bottles with lights inside--some have wires that run to a switch in the bottle cork, and others were lit from above with a small, rechargeable LED light--she had Halloween and Christmas ones, and they were absolutely gorgeous! I didn't end up getting any, but they definitely did evoke a creepy/wintery feeling respectively!

They also had the glass-blowers back this year (I don't recall seeing them last year), and they also had a blacksmith, making tools the old-fashioned way with a hammer and anvil and it was really quite interesting to see that in action.

And there was a vintage comics sale; I checked it out, hoping to find some MFU comics, but, sadly, there weren't any. I did end up getting one of the old Scrooge McDuck comics for just 25 cents instead.

And of course, there was free stuff! Food mostly (popcorn and candy and an iced tea-lemonade mix that was really, really good), but there were also games and things where you could win stuff, and I ended up winning a water bottle, heh...

But, by far, the most interesting freebie I got was a coupon for 5 free martial arts lessons. And I think I will end up using it; ever since I spent two years away at college, I really wish I had known some form of self-defense then (especially when weird and unpleasant stuff started happening my second year there), and since I will have to move away again if I end up getting work that requires it, it would be wise to learn some basic self-defense techniques. So yes, once I gather up the courage, I will be taking those lessons.

But yes, it was a good day!


Sep. 15th, 2017 08:34 pm
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So now there's a virus thing that affects many different kinds of devices with Bluetooth on, including Android smartphones and tablets. I have an Android tablet and Bluetooth was on to connect the keyboard. I've turned it off and am trying to find a patch that will work for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but it looks like there isn't a relevant one yet.

For Apple people, I'm told they already have a security patch for the problem. Windows, Linux, and Android are still vulnerable. There's a patch for Nexus and Pixel, I think, but other Android devices don't have anything yet, it seems.

Ugh, I hope the thing hasn't already infected the tablet. People who sit around inventing viruses are complete scum.


Sep. 15th, 2017 06:38 pm
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I've been missing Fred Meyer's ever since we moved down here. When I heard they had built one about ten minutes away, I was thrilled. I finally saw it yesterday, however, and now I'm not so thrilled. It was more like a big Smith's with a clothing shop in the middle of it. The toy department was kind of pathetic. Instead of being more like ShopKo or K-Mart, it felt like the old grocery store toy sections. Although, granted, they did have more toys than a typical grocery store, but not as much as Fred Meyer's used to have. And the prices are horrible. $17-something for a Fashion Style Pony?! That's even worse than Walgreen's price! But at least I saw some new Pony merchandise I hadn't seen before, so that was fun to look at.

Now, Smith's bought Fred Meyer's years ago and converted them to Smith's Marketplace, it's true. But the ones where we used to live were still Fred Meyer's. Only the name had changed. I guess if they build them from the ground up, they make them more like Smith's. Now I'm wondering what the ones in the old area are like, if they're still Fred Meyer's inside or if they've all been remodeled and have less merchandise, like Smith's.

I was there in the first place not just to see what it was like, but as part of my search for Halloween costume pieces. I didn't have any luck there. Whereas Fred Meyer's in the old area had a big costume section, this one was dinky and not much better than a regular Smith's. And they had inflatable graves like like year, only these had dumb epitaphs that weren't even creepy. They said dumb things like, "I liked bacon" and "Dead Fred." Compare that to last year's, which had corny but creepy things like "I'll be back" and "Rest in pieces."

I also looked at the Wal-Mart in that town. They had a wonderful selection of stuff, but not what I wanted. I am especially baffled at the lack of lab coats. Mad scientists are a Halloween staple! There's never been a year when I didn't see lab coats. Surely they're still coming. I'm more worried about the wig problem. I may end up having to get that one that looks like season 1 Baxter's hairstyle, even though I really don't want to.

ShopKo was horrible. I thought maybe if I looked early in the season, they'd have more stuff. Their costume section was just as pathetic as the last couple of years. Barely any costumes and only a handful of wigs way too expensive for just Halloween usage. It's sad. I remember when their Halloween section was epic. It was one of the best ones that I looked forward to seeing the most.

At least the trip wasn't a total loss. I finally found a nice birthday present for a friend and can at last mail her birthday (and Christmas!) stuff. And I saw two Baxters in the figure department. Honestly, all the Wal-Marts except ours are ordering more than one set of the Mutagen Canisters now. I don't know why ours always has to be so insistent on just one at a time. Ugh.

It was a beautiful overcast day and fell like Fall, and the sight of the Baxters gave me a special sense of nostalgia, both of when I found mine early this year and shopping times years ago when I found YGO merchandise. The feeling only lasted for a minute, as I was walking outside in the gloriously cloudy day, but it was nice. I miss when YGO was in first-run and I found something neat pretty much every time I was out. And discovering figures of favorite characters was always the best part. Or shirts.

And I did end up ordering the Indigo Pokemon DVD set. I kept wanting it really badly and felt like I was just torturing myself by waiting, so I ordered it early Thursday morning. As usual, I immediately waffled over whether I'd made the right decision, especially when I saw eBay had it for a few dollars less. Problem is, for me it wouldn't really be less since I'd have to pay entirely in cash on eBay. On Amazon, most of it is paid with the gift card. After I'd slept, I felt at peace and that I'd made the right decision and got what I really wanted. It hasn't shipped yet. It will probably show up next week sometime, either two weeks before my birthday or less than that. And I probably will try to save it for opening on my birthday, as planned, since I likely wouldn't be doing another Amazon order to be the birthday order.

**repeated headdesk.**

Sep. 14th, 2017 05:03 am
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I just love when I add a scene to a story, then do something like have a character come back from the kitchen before he's gone to the kitchen.

I.E., the scene originally had him taking ice to the kitchen. Then I realized I didn't specify he came back, so I tried inserting a sentence saying he came back ... and somehow I didn't realize that I'd inserted it at a point before he'd even left! Seriously? Seriously?!

At least I've fixed it now, but 25 people have already seen the screwy version. Maybe hopefully they were too focused on the overall plot to really notice....

(And yes, I do proofread my stuff. Repeatedly. Sometimes it doesn't go up for days because I'm still doing proofreads. But that scene was a last addition, spreading out something that had been summarized, and I thought everything was cool and I could upload the fic. Ugggh.)

Ah, Fall.

Sep. 12th, 2017 09:36 pm
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Now I can't remember if it was Friday or Saturday, but it was a very cloudy day with fall temperatures all day long. It was wonderful. And Build-A-Bear sent an email showing their Halloween plushies this year, which really put me in a Fall/Halloween mood. They have an absolutely gorgeous purple and pink swirled bat called Starry Night Bat. I will most likely get her on my birthday. I'll have a birthday coupon and there's a little bit left on a gift card, so I won't have to pay full-price. I also have the urge to name her Cassiopeia, which would certainly fit with her official name. But I feel slightly guilty to name her that, as I'm going to have a mutant bat in a Halloween Turtles fic named that, and she probably won't be a very nice lady. But I like the name, so there's no reason why the plushie would have to be considered the same character, even if she shares the name. I named the first bat Milly, shortly after I named a character that in a Perry fanfic who also ends up being a darker character (to my memory). They're definitely not the same character, especially since the Perry one is a human, LOL.

Last night on the news the weathergirl said that the temperatures are mostly going to be out of the summer heat levels now. I am so happy! This summer has been too, too hot. I hate summer heat. I am so beyond ready for Fall.

I'm listening to my Halloween playlist for the first time this season. I usually start Halloweening around September 13th. Plenty of time to enjoy spooky TV episodes!

I hope I'm going to be able to find a wig that will work for playing Baxter. You'd think it would be easy, but I'm starting to get a little worried after only seeing one that would work for season 1 (which seems to have promptly sold out within a week). I really want season 2. No luck online either, unless I'm using the wrong search terms. I've tried "wild brown wig," "brown mad scientist wig," and a couple of other terms. There is one that turned up that could be interesting, but it's way too dark of a brown.

I also finally have an Amazon gift card and am debating what to get with it. I figure whatever it is will be a birthday purchase, so if I decide I need to get something now while prices are low, I might try to save it for my birthday before opening it, etc. So far the thing I'm most excited about seems to be the entire Indigo arc of Pokemon for $28. I saw that last night and decided that if I still was more excited by it than anything else the next day, I should probably get it. I still feel the same, although I'm slightly debating and wondering if I should wait a little longer, because sometimes I get really excited about the thought of something for a couple of days and then something else pops up and I realize that's what I want most. I really love the Indigo episodes, though, and I wanted that set as soon as it came out, but couldn't afford it then. So I'm thinking I won't change my mind on this.

As silly as it sounds, I worry slightly that if I get it, I'll end up deciding I want to write for Pokemon and I'll abandon my Turtles fics. I really love my Turtles fics and want to keep writing them right now. But I highly doubt I'd shift to getting plunnied for Pokemon, as I rarely have before. I've had the same concerns about getting the other DuckTales and TaleSpin sets I need, but most shows I like I don't write for. It's unusual when I do get plunnied, especially as seriously as I have for the Turtles. I worried like this when I got the Knight Rider set too, but I didn't have any problems there. In fact, it helped inspire some of the fics, like the OMNUS one and the amnesia incident in the freeze fic.

Sometimes other people's plunnies inspire me too, as after being told of a plunnie, I got springboarded to a very different idea and I've been going to town with the resulting fic, which I started before the last one was done. I've been writing it all out of order. I just did a proofread and added some more content, so now I'll want to wait and do another proofread before I decide if it's done. I love when the stories churn out that fast. This one will dig more into how the recent amnesia/mind-control incident affected Michelangelo. I kind of think the next one after this will be a funny one, maybe the one based on the DuckTales episode The Money Vanishes, but we'll see.

I also put Lieutenant Schrank in the current story (that is, the most recent one I actually put up). He briefly appeared, unnamed, in The Rat King's Revenge, which is referenced in this one. He has a longer scene in this one. I needed a policeman and I decided, eh, what the heck.

And yet another short affair piece

Sep. 11th, 2017 03:19 pm
rose_of_pollux: (Illya and Napoleon)
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Written for today’s short affair prompt at Section VII.

Summary: Even the best agent can be haunted by nightmares; fortunately, he has a partner that can help.

There You'll Be )
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